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Emotional Intelligence’s Role in Your Safety Career

16 Jan 2023 by Admin
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Do you know? EI is responsible for 58% of professional success, regardless of job category. Emotional intelligence (EI) is an important quality for a to possess. It refers to the ability to understand, control, and use your emotions. In this article, we will briefly outline the role of emotional intelligence in your and will introduce some tips and techniques that we use to build safety teams that help people be more effective. Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify your feelings and use them efficiently to make smart decisions.

Good safety professionals understand how their behavior affects others and take steps to address their mistakes. They should also be able to recognize if someone is being affected by their emotions and be able to provide assistance. Also, a good safety manager needs to have excellent emotional intelligence. The ability to perceive and feel emotions is essential for a perfect safety manager.

Ideally, they should be aware of their emotions at all times and be able to control their behavior accordingly. They should also be able to recognize the emotions of others and effectively communicate with their team. This way, they can make informed decisions about the safety of their team members’ work environments. A poor understanding of emotions can lead to poor decisions and dangerously unstable work environments.